Benefits to Residents

Stable Housing & Thriving Communities

Our Resident Services (RS) is designed to intentionally work with residents one on one to assist residents in overcoming barriers and challenges. Further, RS embraces the proven wisdom that more can be accomplished by working together. That is why RS works with proven local non-profits and local government agencies to offer programs, workshops, and activities on-site based on residents’ needs. By listening to residents’ voices and using data to drive performance, RS will deliver effective and successful outcomes that will benefit residents in the following areas:

Health & Nutrition

Goal: Promote and improve healthy living and nutrition amongst residents.
Onsite Opportunities: Physical fitness activities, health screenings, specific health and nutrition education outreach and workshops, and access to nutritious food via distribution.

Youth Education & Development

Goal: Support youth academically and help develop social and emotional learning (SEL) skills necessary to succeed in adolescence and adulthood.
Onsite Opportunities: Visual arts projects, reading and math tutoring, STEM programming, homework assistance, summer camps, youth social activities, and school supply distribution.

Resident Engagement

Goal: Encourage and strengthen relationships amongst residents and take an active role in their community.
Onsite Opportunities: Provide re-occurring monthly and quarterly social gatherings such as game and movie nights, summer cookouts, and multi-cultural holiday celebrations. Further, residents are encouraged to volunteer on-site and in the broader community.

Economic Stability & Mobility

Goal: Provide residents with information and tools they need to maintain economic stability and advancement.
Onsite Opportunities: Eviction prevention services, assistance with applying for government entitlement programs, financial management coaching and workshops, resume writing support, employment readiness training, life skills training and homeownership readiness.


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